San Marino

Legal status and visa requirements for those who were forced to leave Ukraine

General information and legal support within San Marino

The maximum legal (provision of Decree-Law No. 27 of March 4, 2022) limit of 300 Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war in the Republic of San Marino has been reached. This was announced by the Coordination Unit for the reception in San Marino of Ukrainian citizens established at the Foreign Affairs Department.

Starting April 15, it is possible to take in another 15 refugees per month. 

Refugee status/asylum seeker status/temporary protection status

For refugees, San Marino grants a temporary residence permit in case, however, family reunification status is demonstrated as well as prior availability of housing.

Learn more about staying in San-Marino:

Please note! Within 48 hours of entry, it is necessary to undergo screening at the State Hospital, on the premises of the former nursing home, by booking the visit at 0549-994905.

Following the visit, the Foreigners Office will issue the provisional residence permit, contacting the Ukrainian citizens to arrange the appointment

Together with the provisional residence permit, each person in charge of the family unit will also be issued with a SMAC Card, which will be charged a monthly contribution, calculated based on the members of the family unit. 

Information and availability through the dedicated email or by phone at 0549-885400 with Ukrainian interpretation available on Mondays (8:30-10:00 a.m.) and Thursdays (4:00-6:00 p.m.)

Interpretation services (local NGOs, volunteers, reception centres)

    Via Scialoja, 12
    47893 Cailungo
    Republic of San Marino

    tel./fax: 0549/994360 (from other country: +378/994360)


General requirements and access to healthcare